Welcome to Pranic Healing!

Feeling overwhelmed, fragmented, weighed down or anxious? Do you seem tired much the time, discouraged or disconnected? Do you find yourself procrastinating or not taking good care of yourself? Have you been searching for the right solution but not finding it?

I can work with you to clear internal blocks and move forward, be on track, feel more lighthearted and align with your own source and your own path!

Pranic Healing, a revolutionary system based on ancient principles, could be what you’ve been seeking. A simple, yet powerful no-touch technique, Pranic Healing directs energy to clear areas of mental, emotional and physical concern. Because dis-ease occurs first in the energy body, your body’s natural tendency to heal itself is accelerated when your energy field and centers are cleared through Pranic Healing.

A Pranic Healer and trainer for 20 years, I work with people to clear the old energy patterns and tendencies that cause them discomfort and hold them back. My work is a combination of psychological and energetic therapeutic modalities. As an RN who has worked in psychiatry, I offer a safe, compassionate space for holding your unique process and facilitating your energy clearing. Through my work with hundreds of clients, I have witnessed the power of Pranic Healing to help people become more:

      • Hopeful, lighter and brighter
      • Energized, calmer and at peace
      • Aligned with their true nature
      • Deeply connected to their inner wisdom
      • On track with their purpose
      • Clear and strong

Whether your challenges have been long term or recent life events have triggered “old stuff,”  Pranic Healing can give you the confidence and the resources you need to move forward.

If this resonates for you, please call me to discuss how I may serve you using Pranic Healing.

Phone: (USA) 541-255-3313; 503-224-9401 – (Canada) Calgary: 403-770-0248
Email: teresa@pranahealthservices.com