Pranic Healing in my Practice

Pranic Healing is a powerful system that can be used for both physical and psychological healing. My practice focuses on personal growth work involving removing blocks and empowering individuals to heal and change.

Why We Don’t Heal

Throughout our bodies, we have many energy centers that function both physically and psychologically. These centers respond to our thoughts and feelings. When we have repeated negative thoughts of a similar nature and we experience related uncomfortable feelings, these thought and feelings congregate in the energy centers or chakras. They can become trapped much like dust balls gather under the bed.

How Negative Energy Affects Us

This accumulated negative psychic energy affects us in different ways, depending on its exact nature such as stress, anxiety or depressed energy. This negative energy can influence us to act in ways that don’t serve us. It can make us feel weighed down, have more negative thoughts and feelings, and remain stuck even though we want to move forward. Sometimes this accumulated negative energy prevents us from making conscious choices about the way we show up in the world. It can adversely affect all our relationships and how we feel about ourselves.

Healing HandClearing the Energies

Pranic healing is a revolutionary system for clearing these negative psychic energies from the energy field and normalizing the chakras, which helps to transform negative patterns. As an experienced pranic healer, I will first assess you energy centers, then clear the negative energies using a hands-off method. I then make any repairs that are needed and normalize the chakras so that balance is restored.


What to Expect from a Pranic Healing Session

Pranic Healing sessions can be done via phone, video conference (Skype or Face
Time) or in person. I have clients all over North America. After only one session most clients experience a lightening and brightening effect throughout their systems. A client who is feeling down in the dumps, for example, will feel that the weight has lifted. In some cases, such as procrastination or sugar addiction, one Pranic Healing session can provide immediate and profound relief. Long-standing patterns of a more serious nature, such as depression, may require additional sessions.

Pranic Healing can change your life.

Are you in therapy? Pranic Healing can be a valuable adjunct to traditional therapy, especially when you are stuck. Clearing negative psychic energies from your field can profoundly accelerate your progress!