I provide personal sessions specializing in an aspect of Pranic Healing that focuses specifically on emotional and psycho-spiritual issues. I have more than thirty years of diverse experience in personal growth, both as a participant and a practitioner.

A session is typically an hour and fifteen minutes, which includes an initial interview. The client gradually relaxes into a deep, peaceful state. I assess the chakras for specific thought energies that are blocking clarity and lightness. I clear these blocks and negative psychic energies. I then energize using specific healing energies for balance, connection and clarity.

Pranic Healing helps break negative patterns and relieve stress, grief, traumas, phobias, depression, addictions and more.

I also support Pranic Healers in their own self-healing by monitoring and providing guidance.

In-person sessions in Eugene, Oregon.
Long-distance healing is available through phone and video (Skype or FaceTime) sessions.

Contact me to schedule your appointment or learn more.

Teresa Evans, RN

Pay for one-hour session

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USA – 541-255-3313; 503-224-9401
Canada – Calgary: 403-770-0248