Who Can Benefit from Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing Increases the Quality of Our LIves!

All of us carry stress and tension. Most of us will experience depression or negative thinking at times. We are often not aware that we are going through our days with a gray cloud hanging over our heads. When this pattern becomes persistent, the body is in a state of dis-ease, and this can manifest itself in physical, emotional and/or psychological distress.

Often an old and perhaps unidentified pattern can be triggered by something that happens in your current life. Because I am working with energy rather than having people recall past hurts, it is not necessary for you retell your old stories or even to be aware of what is being triggered. Pranic Healing can shift the old emotional and mental patterns that keep you stuck. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, Pranic Healing can provide relief:

      • Stress and overwhelm
      • Anxiety, self criticism, inadequacy
      • Sadness, grief
      • Anger, resentment
      • Fatigue, procrastination, energy drain


If you are suffering from a psychological addictive process of any type (even sugar), you may not be aware that patterns in your energy field are fueling your compulsion. Clearing the accumulation of negative energy through Pranic Healing can give you more freedom of choice and empower you to make changes.

Support and Wisdom for Those with Serious Illness

My medical background allows me to understand what people go through as they deal with a serious illness. I can provide emotional, energetic and psychological support to augment and navigate your healing process.

Support for Pranic Healers with Their Healing Projects

Pranic Healers, allow me to lend you my experience of 20 years practicing “Pranic Psychotherapy” and training hundreds of Pranic Healers! I can do some of the deeper work and heavy lifting, plus guide you in your practice with your self-healing projects and in your work with family and clients. Many Pranic Healers have expressed increased confidence and motivation to do healing on themselves with mentoring from me.

If you are ready to clear the energy that limits your ability to live a full, happy and healthy productive life, contact me to learn how Pranic Healing can help you.